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Throw all those boring rules for plus size girls out the door because we're about to give you a whole new set of guidelines to deal with worry-some areas and look absolutely breath-taking.

Clothing is about shaping the body and this is especially true for plus size ladies like us. Don't listen to those naysayers who tell you to stay away from colors and bold prints - those are exactly the two things you should be staying close to! Let's get real ladies!

Go BOLD with over the top prints

Prints, despite what the old rules might say actually blend in and disguise worry-some areas giving you a sleeker and thinner-appearing silhouette. Go for colors that compliment your skin tone and fit and flare is always best. It hugs you in the right places while disguising the areas you want less attention on.
With prints... MORE IS MORE.
Fabrics are Key

Fabrics are key as you are essentially draping and shaping your body. Draped front dresses work well for women who are top heavy and don't necessarily want to show that off (although if you do go for it girl!). Draped fabrics such as velvet, viscose and satin also stretch and fall nicely on the body in particular the hips. This is your change to go into full color mode in a nice pastel pink or a cobalt blue!
Velvet hugs the hips and combine fabric types to create contrast and hide other areas such as arms.

Tried & True: The all-black fall-back

It really is true, we can't deny black really does make everyone look better and it's an easy option to turn to. No matter what your body type a chic little black dress will outline your silhouette and embrace whatever curves you may have. It's also incredibly slimming for those of us who want to achieve that in our ensemble.
You can never go wrong with the LBD!

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