Destination summer - what to wear on summer vacation

We wait all year round for summer to come so we can pack our bags and get away to somewhere tropical and warm! Imagine sipping margaritas on a beach and tanning under the glowing sun. We know....we're swooning too. Even on vacation you want to look your best so we've put together a guide of what to pack based on our three favorite vacay spots!

Lisbon has consistently been voted by travel and fashion magazines as the #1 city destination for summer vacation. Mixing old world vibes with counter culture and a laid back atmosphere, Lisbon is a great city for a mix of great food, culture, history and the beach! We suggest visiting one of the several beaches in Cascais (known as the Beverly Hills of Portugal) then stopping off at Manteigaria for Lisbon's most famous Portuguese custard tart!
What to wear when you're there:
Kalkan, Antalya, Turkey

Tucked away about 9.5 hours south of Istanbul lies the incredible resort town of Kalkan. Situated around 30 to 45 min away from the commercial city of Fethiye, Kalkan is a summer vacation's dream! Incredibly cheap considering the luxury offerings . The food is to die for and there are so many day trips and activities for you adventure lovers out there! Definitely book one of the many day boat trips which are all-inclusive of all you can eat food and drink and ensure you visit the ruins of the ancient ruined city of Tlos which dates back to the 2nd century BCE!
What to wear when you're there:
Upolo Island, Somoa

This Polynesian island is filled with a rich culture and warm spirit. The perfect get-a-way when you want to leave the day to day stress of urban life behind, Upolo Island does the trick! Literally, you'll be lucky if you can get an internet signal, but there is so much to see and do you'll forget about wifi altogether! Make sure you check out some authentic polynesian dancing on one of the many night festivals they have. We also highly recommend going tropical beach hopping to one of the many breath taking beaches on the island. Our favorite is Return to Paradise beach!!
What to wear when you're there:

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