ABC Family: The Lying Game's Alexandra Chando - Emma Becker / Sutton Mercer Alexia Admor D540SS

Posted on August 24 2011

Just aired on ABC Family's "The Lying Game"  Season 1: Episode 2 ("Being Sutton") Emma wearing Alexia Admor style D540SS in Strawberry (Get it here: $239) for half the episode! Check out the clip below from hulu

From ABC Family's Website: Alexandra Chando stars as long-lost twin sisters Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer. While Emma grew up in foster care, Sutton grew up in privilege, surrounded by a loving family. After finally meeting face to face, Emma agrees to impersonate her sister while the real Sutton tires to find their biological parents in Los Angeles. But when Sutton doesn’t return when promised, Emma knows something’s amiss

Check out this feature about the dress on ABC Family's website: Emma Becker (played by Alexandra Chando) wears Alexia Admor style D540SS in Strawberry


Emma's Pink Dress with a Flower (From ABC Family's Website)

We have to admit that in theory we wouldn’t say that we love pink or flowers in our fashion. The idea seems way too girly but when we saw Emma in her chic and sophisticated dress it made us rethink our entire position. The combination of the two makes Emma looks fresh and current. The flower adds a great pop of texture and detailing. If this is how pink flowers would look on us then maybe we need to make room in our closets!!

From August 2011's People StyleWatch


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