Aspen, CO Wedding - Going Away White Dress - C Jane

This photo comes to you courtesy of Julie from C Jane, a beautiful boutique that carries Alexia Admor in Austin, TX:

"Was at a gorgeous wedding in Aspen where the bride wore AA (Alexia Admor) for her going away dress. She also wore a gold one for the welcome party.

The bride looks fantastic in Alexia Admor style D805STF White

CJane_D805STF White

People in the office commented on this photo saying it has a throwback feel to it, a Frank Sinatra vibe if you will. I'm inclined to agree.  There is certainly some great action going on in this photo. The colors are warm and rich, the attendees are all carrying lit sparklers, some are wearing fedoras. Looks like a great time.

We're happy we could be a part of it!


She looks so beautiful in that dress!!

laura trevey July 12, 2010

oh wow, so beautiful!

Susan July 23, 2010

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