New: "Bowtie" Dress & Jeweled Empire Waist Dress

Just Arrived:

  1. D892TAF - Pleated Jeweled Empire Waist Strapless Dress
  2. D935TAF - Princess Seam Taffeta Bowtie Dress

The "bowtie" dress is one of our favorites and it is available in an assortment of rich colors (purple passion shown). The luxurious taffeta fabric gathers at the bust into a seamless, playful bow. Wear this dress to your next party and forget about the present and gift wrap, just tape the card on yourself and walk in (just kidding... or maybe not)

The jewels on the D892TAF dress are unique. Stones of varying shapes and sizes all play in perfect harmony, accentuating the color of the dress. Teal is the first color to come in - keep your eyes out for some new variations.

More colors and photos (for both styles) to come in the near future.

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very clever text.
great job
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joseph gurfinkel May 25, 2010

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