1st Post: Fashion Blog Goals - Alexia Admor New York Designer

This is our first post on the Alexia Admor Fashion Blog! Alexia Admor is a contemporary women's dress line located in the heart of the New York City Garment District (since 1989). Feel free to browse our selection by visiting the Alexia Admor Home Page

This blog will serve a multitude of purposes:

  1. Give the casual reader a sense of what it is like to operate a dress line or work as a designer/associate in New York within the fashion industry
  2. To communicate with fans of our line
  3. Keep our vendors aware of upcoming events and dates
  4. To post press and fan photos of our line - celebrity & magazine shots as well as photos of fans of our line who email us a photo wearing one of our dresses
  5. To clarify important information in a readily available format online
  6. Provide commentary on fashion trends & current events

Basically, if you are  interested in working in the fashion industry, this blog will give you a sense of what to expect from several angles.

FYI - If you have a photo you'd like us to include in our "Fan Photos" section, please send them over to info@alexiaadmor.com

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