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Keri from First Date Boutique in Andover, MA - one of the fabulous specialty stores we sell to - sent over this write-up featured in the Boston Globe Magazine dated March 28, 2010. Alexia Admor style D805STF (turquoise) is featured in the article titled "Water Everywhere: Shades of blue capture an upbeat mood".

D805STF Shop First Date

Here's an excerpt:

It’s off we go into the wild blue yonder, with color authority Pantone naming turquoise the color of the year. “It gives off such positive energy and brings excitement to basic colors like white, tan, gray, or black,” says Keri Barrett, co-owner of the cheery First Date Boutique in Andover. Teal is a bit darker, so it is great for the cooler months, with brighter azure tones perfect for summer, Barrett adds. “And if you’re feeling down, just put on a turquoise necklace or earrings.” As seen here around town, the trend is not coming out of the blue.

You can purchase the dress featured in the article in multiple colors at by clicking the following link: D805STF - Sweetheart Bustier Dress

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