Dark Purple Bridesmaid Dresses: Tulip, Bubble, Fan Dress

Every now and again, we receive a treat from customers who enjoyed their special day wearing Alexia Admor. These photos come to you from the Tobar wedding courtesy of Martha, one of the bridesmaids.

Three different styles, all in the same dark purple taffeta fabric are being worn in this special occasion

  1. D723TAF - Taffeta Tulip Dress
  2. D674TAF - Bloom Bubble Dress
  3. D721TAF - Side Flower Fan Dress

This is a creative approach to adding variety to bridesmaid attire. Three different styles in the same fabric texture and color. Don't the bridesmaids look great?




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How gorgeous!

janettaylor March 25, 2010

Wow, these are amazing! I am a bridesmaid for my friend and we are having the hardest time choosing dresses! I’ll suggest ones like these, I love the color and design!

Indy April 05, 2010

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