ENK Coterie 2010: Photos From the Show at the Javits Center

Coterie is one of our most important trade shows on the calendar. We set up meetings with key accounts, gauge reaction and book orders for new pieces on the line.

Most of the work in putting on a good show comes before we set foot into the booth. Product design and production as well as setting up appointments and booth design are all among the challenges of a successful show. The days at the actual show are really just a culmination of the hard work put into the line.


There were approximately 14,000 booths/companies, so buyers walking the aisles of the show had alot of merchandise to look at. I tried walking around most of the Javits myself, and only got through approximately 10% of the circuit. Every time you try to move forward you see eye catching designs or friends from within the industry.

If you've never been to the Coterie show in New York, take a look at some of the photos of the Javits Center exterior and interior as well as from our booth.


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